Website Maintenance

If you already have a website and just need someone to help you maintain it and keep it up to date, I can help there! Whether you need a single update right now or need ongoing support, I am happy to help.

Maintenance with Hometown Computer Services comes in two flavors:

  • Long-Term Maintenance Agreement – If you want guaranteed support and want to save a little money, we can establish a maintenance agreement where you will pay for a set number of hours per month and then simply need to make a request anytime you want to use those hours. The hours in the agreement are up to you. I do have a minimum of 10 hours per month but we can surly go much higher. With a maintenance agreement, you save money over one off requests. Also, if you don’t use hours in a given month, they roll over to the next month and you only pay for the additional hours that make up the agreement. So, for example, if we have agreed on 10 hours a month – you pay for that number of hours up front and then if you only use 5 hours this month, next month you will only pay the difference of 5 hours that make up the agreed upon 10. You never pay for hours you have not used! With a maintenance agreement in place, you save 20% off the regular rate. You can cancel your agreement at anytime with no penalty. I then give you the choice to put the remaining balance on your account or get a refund.
  • Pay-as-you-go Requests – If you have less than 10 hours a month of estimated need or you simply don’t want to be bound in an agreement, you can most certainly request maintenance ad-hoc. I call this a pay-as-you-go request meaning you will be an HCS customer but are not bound by an agreement. The only drawback with this mode is you miss out on the agreement discount off the regular rate. You can roll into a maintenance agreement at any time. I will even credit the agreement with any hours worked in the month you roll over to an agreement.
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